Oct 9

Meet Mr. Hyphen’s FINAL FIVE!

Eugene Canotal, Filipino Community Center

If you win the title of Mr. Hyphen, what do you hope to accomplish in your year-long reign? In my year-long reign as Mr. Hyphen, I hope to promote the destigmatization of mental health treatment and therapy in the API community by providing education about psychotherapy, and by organizing talks at API community centers.

Nate Cedilla, In The Mix

What’s the nature of your involvement with the organization? I first became involved with ITM after moving back to San Diego and quickly became involved with their weekly outreach efforts.  For an hour at a time, I walked the streets of Hillcrest handing out condoms and educating others on safer sex and HIV transmission.

Colin Ehara, Juma Ventures

How are you Mr. Hyphen material?  I am Mr. Hyphen material because when I am at my best I love people, and when I see myself or an ANY person suffering unjustly I am compelled to take action.  I understand that I occupy this privileged, blessed, fortunate space because of my resilient roots, partner, family, and community.

Terry Park, Asian Prisoner Support Committee

Why did you choose to represent this organization?  I believe in the mission because, as an instructor, teaching assistant, and study hall volunteer for the Prison University Project (PUP), I have seen the effects the prison-industrial complex has had on low-income people of color, including a growing number of Asian Americans.

Rattana Yeang, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

What’s your least favorite AA stereotype and why?  It’s what is popularly referred to as the Model Minority myth. In reality, not all Asian Americans are high achievers in their educational or professional lives.  The idea that Asian is the Model Minority masks the complexities that make up this community.

(Source: hyphenmagazine.com)