In the most populous state of California, Filipinos have enough of a population presence that they are counted as a separate ethnic demographic from Asians and Pacific Islanders since the 2000 census.  Yet Filipino cultural visibility and societal participation remains frustratingly minimal given the lack of Filipino restaurants, lack of Filipino celebrities and politicians, and minimal knowledge of crucial historical relationships between the Philippines and the United States.  Filipinos truly are what the Wikipedia entry on “Filipino American” labels as the “invisible minority.” 

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    Yes, please do read this. It shames me that I have experiences where people don’t know another group of people—a group I...
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    ^^^ love this commentary
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    i appreciate the struggle here to reckon with the forgotten (post)colonial history of the fil am condition and the...
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    Wow. I’m feeling so grateful for this.. have been doing a lot of my own identity work around race/ethnicity and this...
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    There is so much about the relationship between the Philippines and the US, as well as Filipinos in the US, that never...
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    It’s an older article but still a fascinating read.
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    For reals.
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    The amount of parallels between U.S./Filipino history and U.S./Puerto Rican history is amazing. As both countries were...
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