this happened

  • random FB dude: Many Asian Americans came to the country from wealthy/educated backgrounds, and in a culture that ruthlessly favors money and social status this doesn't come as a surprise nearly. As for the white/Asian mix... let's be realists, no one is marrying a poor Hispanic laborer over a millionaire white heir/heiress.I can see your're proud of your people and culture in fact my criticism of this statistic comes from the fact that Confucianism/Hinduism are two cultural-religious systems which places emphasis on money and status. Jamaicans (my own people) do the same just as much and I actually find that the writings of Lu Xun (especially The True Story of Ah Q) to be very good.
  • Me (after I completely lost my temper at this kid): Okay. First off, not everyone follows those religions, particularly Asian Americans who usually are agnostic, Christian, or atheist. That kind of culture does not imply financial, professional, nor academic success in any way. And actually, Confucianism praises humility and modesty when it comes to material possessions and financial gain. The focus of Confucianism is on family and respect. Second, the chart comes from a report that focuses on EAST ASIANS, as I said in the previous conversation. The discussion that preceded your comments was obviously focused on the flaws of the report in its inability to distinguish different experiences of Asian Americans (Hmong, Laos, Thai, Indonesian, Cambodian, etc). There's a thing called the "Model Minority Myth" that claims that Asians do well because of their culture, their upbringings, yada yada yada. That myth was created to divide and conquer people of color, to pit Asians against other people of color, and it continues to succeed to this day EVEN THOUGH violence, poverty, disease, gangs, drugs, etc are major problems and issues that plague Asian American communities. Hispanics are more "accepted" as Americans than Asians because they are not always perceived as the perpetual foreigner. How dare you stereotype Hispanic people as only day laborers and white people as millionaires? Additionally, most immigrants who came to the United States did NOT come from wealthy backgrounds. Vietnamese immigrants fled the Vietnam War, the Cambodian elites were targeted in the Khmer Rouge genocide, the Cultural Revolution targeted educated and wealthy Chinese, the list will continue to go on and on. Like many (if not all) immigrants, the US as a place of opportunity and second chances is what drew Asians here. Don't you fucking dare try to speak on something you have no idea about.