POC (People of Color) Zine Project 2012 Tour Dates:

Sept 24 New York, NY

Sept 25 Philadelphia, PA

Sept 26 Pittsburgh, PA

Sept 27 Athens, OH

Sept 28 Detroit, MI

Sept 29 Ann Arbor, MI

Sept 30 Chicago, IL

Oct 1    Champaign, IL

Oct 2    Bloomington, IN (NOT in IL as previously noted)

Oct 3    Columbus, OH

Oct 4    Pittsburgh, PA (NOT in Blacksburg, VA as previously noted)

Oct 5    Washington, DC

Oct 6    Baltimore, MD

Oct 7    New York, NY

We’ll have specific details about each city and how you can help and participate in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait, email daniela@dcapmedia.com with your questions! We’re excited!!

Be sure to follow poczineproject.tumblr.com and “Like” our FB page if you haven’t already to get the latest updates as soon as we post them.


1. If you’re from or around any of these cities, contact us and let us know if you’re interested in volunteering, have a band and want to perform, want to table, can help out with hosting us overnight, can assist with livetweeting and livestreaming from events, etc.

2. Donate to help us offset the cost of this tour, vehicle rental and gas money. We appreciate every cent. POC Zine Project is 100% a volunteer entity.

3. Reblog this post and share the link with your friends, especially in these cities!

We’ll have an official page up soon for the tour but for now here are some details:

- In some cities we’re doing a multimedia show in the evenings but in others we’re looking to do that PLUS paid speaking events at local universities & ally organizations during the day. If your city is part of the tour and you’d like us to speak at your school, contact us. It’s especially helpful if you can point us to a contact at your school.

- We want folks to table and to sell/trade poc zines at our shows! We’ll have more details about who’s participating but for now contact us if you’re interested in participating.

- Do you write for a print or online publication that would like to share information about the tour and event details as they happen? Contact us for interviews or connect us with your friends who do. We want as many folks as possible to find out about this tour and why we feel POC Zine Project is vital to DIY/punk/zine/activism communities.


Here are some details you can share with your school administrators so they understand what it is we aim to discuss and share on campus.

BEYOND ‘MEET ME AT THE RACE RIOT’: People of Color in Zines from 1990 - Today

The POC (People of Color) Zine Project is taking ‘MEET ME AT THE RACE RIOT’ on the road in September of 2012. Drawing from the first MMATRR event co-produced in 2011 with the Barnard Zine Library and For the Birds Collective, POC Zine Project will bring a thought-provoking and visually stimulating multimedia event and panel discussion to participating universities during their inaugural POC Zine Project tour.

In recent years, punk and riot grrrl have become the subject of much retrospection and analysis (there are easily a score of scholarly and popular monographs, documentaries, and exhibitions completed or in progress). This retrospective turn, with its subsequent institutionalization of some stories about punk and riot grrrl and not others, has largely failed to center race as a crucial factor, or to observe punks of color as a vital but also a discomforting presence. Punk musics, punk looks, can trace their origins through the blackness of rock ‘n’ roll and young street toughs, even as this provenance is ignored, or disavowed; the clubs that fostered nascent scenes were often located in neighborhoods populated by people of color, and operated by them as well – consider Mabuhay Gardens (San Francisco), Raul’s (Austin), Madame Wong’s and the Hong Kong Club (Los Angeles)—though these cramped quarters often led to racial tensions and sometimes riots. And yet these histories of tension and contribution are not often acknowledged, let alone understood.

BMMATRR interrupts this void.

‘BEYOND MEET ME AT THE RACE RIOT’ includes a rotating roster of speakers who offer through their zines a chronology and a partial history of the creative and intellectual production of people of color.

The POC Zine Project tour members and ‘BEYOND MEET ME AT THE RACE RIOT’ panelists are:

Osa Atoe: Shotgun Seamstress zine series author and musician.

Daniela Capistrano: POC Zine Project founder, Current TV producer and media literacy activist.

Mimi Thi Nguyen: Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, author, activist and creator of the seminal Race Riot zine series.

Cristy C. Road: Floating in a pool of her own blood, sweat and occasional tears. C. Road is a 30-year-old Cuban-American artist and writer. Blending social principles, sexual deviance, mental inadequacies and social justice - she thrives to testify the beauty of the imperfect.

Other panelists to be announced in the coming weeks.

The POC (People of Color) Zine Project, founded in 2010, is a grassroots non-profit organization with a mission to make zines by people of color easy to find, share and distribute: community and activism through materiality.

POC Zine Project is curating a traveling POC zine exhibition, establishing an archive, producing a community website and providing, tools and events for zinesters of color and their allies.

Intersection of race, zine and punk/diy culture and inequality
Community through materiality

TRT: 95-100 minutes


Osa is booking venues and contacting bands as we type, so contact us if you’re interested in participating as a performer, connecting us with a venue in your city, hosting, etc.!


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