Oct 1

AJC 2012 part 2: The Conference

The rest of the conference was a blast. I had a very enlightening and fantastic time swapping ideas, stories, and dreams with the people that were there. The diversity of our backgrounds provided more than enough ingredients to last the days we were there, and only sets the stepping stones for future interactions and collaborations.

I was reminded of Tumblr’s conversations about anti-black Asians. I heard a lot of anti-black sentiment, especially when we went out in Boystown. There were people calling various bars “ghetto” or speaking in a “ghetto” voice. There were non-black Asians using AAVE. I didn’t see enough enthusiasm on building coalitions or about racism that affects Asian Americans, but more black and Latin@ communities. I see improvements though, and hope that next year’s conference in Los Angeles will create those spaces.

I also got to attend the UndocuAPI panel featuring Justin, Tony, Anthony, Fiona, and Cat. I highly praise them for raising awareness of undocumented API and working their asses off for our communities. It’s so awesome to see this becoming more and more prevalent at these conferences. I unfortunately missed some workshops on the first day, but I know that Justin went to one on violence against women which I hope he writes about! (Feel free to shoot him a message bugging him to.)

I was honestly so changed by the conversations and interactions that happened this weekend, I don’t think I can ever go back to the way I was. For me, everything I do and want to do is constantly changing. There are countless things that I have to keep checking myself on, and more to be added everyday. I hope, desire, and plan to grow for as long as I live and learn as long as I grow.