"Why I’d Hate to be Asian" 

New Alexandra Wallace? Thanks Samuel Hendrickson!

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    The irony of reason #1 is that I mistake so many random people for my non asian friends. Also his eyes are kinda squinky...
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    I’m sad he’s not even articulate about it. I almost feel bad putting his name out there.
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    ASSSHOOOOLE No one have sex with him ever
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    "The ultimate test of a person’s repudiation of racism is not what she can contemplate doing for or on behalf of black...
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    Fuck you you racist sack of shit, university “bro” culture makes me sick.
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    This guy is a dumbass! Have you fucked a lot of Asian guys to know their “equipment” is small? Probably not. Quit...
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    Holy crap what a douchenozzle.
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    You suck at telling jokes since on fb it was all a joke, even jokes have a blatant line or whats a joke and what is
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    Gimme a minute to come up with “10 Reasons Why I Wouldn’t Want to be Samuel Hendricksen.”
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    im not attracted to asian girls too. fuck asians. haha
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    Being short does suck, and the japanese are weird as fuck for blurring genitals in porn. I’m with this guy.
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    I couldn’t even watch the whole video this is terrible. :(
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    This guy isn’t even funny. He’s just doing it for attention and he knows it. Probably no love from his family at home so...
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    1. It’s kinda true. I’m asian, and I’m allowed to say this. 2. You don’t have to be with an asian woman… ._. 3. Not all...
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    It’s not so much the racist comments that piss me off (which they do a bit) but his stupidity. He can’t even count...
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