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Apr 2

I think that Suey has displayed over the last year an unwillingness to discover the community. This, I think, has very little to do with her age, and everything to do with hubris. She arrived on the scene and believed she was the first, because she didn’t know the things she didn’t know. She doesn’t know who we are and what we have done, and further never expressed interest in finding out. I fundamentally believe she didn’t know who Michelle Malkin was, and had no idea about the internment book; it was published when she was 13.

It’s not that anyone needs to kiss the ring. You don’t have to like your elders or not want to forge a different path, but you should know of their existence. You should know the people who are around you, doing work in your vicinity. You should have the wherewithal to situate yourself in this thing that is larger than yourself. Most of us at some point did that, and we did it when we were Suey’s age.

There is a huge part of me that really wants to give Suey a benefit of a doubt. Still. Even after all this. Monday’s Colbert Report show was equal parts hysterical and horrifying to me; I would NOT want to be pilloried on national television at the age of 23 for doing something I might regret by the age of 33.

But I think ultimately Jeff is right. We all started in our early 20’s, and we all did it with the brashness and idealism of youth. It’s not that Suey is young, or queer, or a woman of colour. It’s that she has a very rigid idea of “how things should be”, and I just don’t think that’s conducive to community organizing.

There are some of her followers who are comparing Suey to Yuri Kochiyama for doing anti-blackness work. I don’t think the parallel could be farther off. Yuri and her contemporaries were about listening to people, and about trying to sow harmonic disagreement; basically, finding ways to bring people’s disparate identities towards common goals while still maintaining distinctiveness. I like to think that the AAM — which is the legacy we’re now maintaining, folks — is all about that message of finding momentary political harmony in dissonance. I like to think that under other circumstances, Suey would’ve found a home among us other bloggers. It’s sad to me that she rejected what could have been in favour of this hate-fueled rhetoric that seems to categorize people’s importance based solely on their -isms.


Anonymous Blogger

Y’all, I’ve held back from posting about Suey because of my own complicated former friendship with her. But I’ve seen too many people hurt and too much bullying and harassment to stay quiet. Here is some excellent commentary from one of my mentors that I wanted to share.

10 examples of #AAPI’s rich history of resistance | Reappropriate

Check out this awesome list of just 10 examples from our colorful and rich history of fighting back!

Jan 3

SUNY Albany Asian Pacific American Conference (APAC) 2014 Workshop Applicaion

We invite you to join us as we commemorate Asian American culture, people, history, and our progressive future. The Asian Pacific American Conference (APAC) is a progressive cultural conference that embraces a pan-Asian identity and strives for inclusiveness, empowerment, and unity. This year, we will comprehensively examine a number of key issues in Asian America. We hope that through the workshops, speakers, and discussion at APAC 2014, an important conversation about the place of Asian Americans in society will begin.

Our theme - RUN: Roots, Unity, Now - will examine our structured beliefs of identity, belonging, assimilation, history, prejudice, and division. 

Roots: We cannot know ourselves today without knowing the history of our people. Our culture and identity is intertwined with where we came from, what we went through, and what we’ve done. We want to encourage young Asian Americans to learn and appreciate those who came before us and built the foundation we stand on today. 

Unity: The Asian American community has many points of conflict, such as ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc. We will examine solutions to divisions in the community, what unity means, and whether true unity will ever exist. 

Now: Where are Asian Americans now? What are the issues that we face each day in the new millenium? We will focus on issues such as reproductive justice, political representation, Greek life, and more.

APAC will be held on April 11 - 12th.  Please contact Shaina Rae Sanchez or Juliet Shen at AlbanyAPAC2014@gmail.com with questions.

Asian American Studies Reading List

Dec 8

In talking to all the dead as they speak in us, we open up spaces in ourselves to speak to the living amongst us who may tell our various histories rather than the single one that has become us. Only then can we invite in the living as the living, who may be different from us, with histories different from our retold tale. A single version of history means a single version of ourselves condemned to retrace dead-ended paths of accomplished moments that would truly have passed, allowing others to consume our history for their own ends, as though we have all died.

- “How Shall We Mourn the Dead?” Thu-huong Nguyen-vo. Amerasia Journal 31:2 “30 Years AfterWARd: Vietnamese Americans and US Empire” (2005).  (via knowthesaurus)

Getting Asian American Studies on College Campuses


Wellesley needs to get on it!


Despite the progress made during the early 1990s in establishing AAS departments, many universities still lack or are in the process of implementing such programs.

Although many of these colleges have relatively small Asian American populations, oftentimes they make up the largest minority group on campus. For example, at Purdue University, Asian Americans make up only about five percent of the undergraduate population, but are the largest ethnic minority group.

The Asian American studies initiative is something I’m very passionate about and working on through ECAASU.

May 3

MIH: Missing in HIstory

A film by K^3 Productions.

Three novice filmmakers from Ithaca College venture to make a documentary establishing an Asian American Studies program. “MIH: Missing In History” explores the relationship between identity and education to illustrate how a Western Eurocentric education excludes the histories and experiences of Asian Americans and students of color. This documentary pushes to provide an education that students from all backgrounds can identify with.

Come to our screenings! Cinemapolis on Saturday, May 7th at 4: 30pm and on campus in Textor 103 on Monday, May 9th at 4: 30pm.

Special thanks to Helen Zia for her inspiration and support!

Awesome video campaigning for Asian American Studies at Ithaca College!

Mar 4

Job Opening: Lecturer in Asian American Studies! DEADLINE MARCH 20

The Department of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Irvine invites applications for a part-time Non Senate Faculty position with primary responsibility in teaching an upper division interdisciplinary course in Asian American Studies for academic year 2012-13. Base salary per course is $5,746. The service dates are as follows: Fall Quarter 2012 (09/24/12 to 12/14/12) or Spring Quarter 2013 (03/27/13 to 06/14/13). 

We are looking for applicants who can teach the following courses:
• Asian American Media & Arts (115)
• Asian American Family (133)
• Asian Americans and Education (139)
• Asian Americans and the Law (140)
• Asian American Women (162)
• Asian American Women’s Film (163)

Please see the General Catalogue at http://www.editor.uci.edu/catalogue/hum/hum.4.htm#courses for descriptions of these courses.

Applicants with a Ph.D. preferred. Applicants who are ABD or have a M.A., M.F.A., or equivalent will be considered. UC graduate students must have filed their dissertation or have a degree in hand by mid-August 2012 to be eligible to teach in Fall 2012 and by mid-February 2013 to be eligible to teach in Spring Quarter 2013. Preference will be given to applicants who can teach in the Fall quarter. You may apply for one, some, or all courses, but please note that all course availability is subject to budgetary approval.

The Department of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Irvine offers a major, minor, a graduate emphasis, and contributes to the Ph.D. Program in Culture and Theory. 

Please send the following materials via e-mail attachment to Jim Lee at jkl@uci.edu by March 20, 2012:
• Cover letter
• Curriculum vitae
• Teaching evaluation summaries (no raw data needed)
• Complete sample syllabi of the course(s) you are proposing
• Indicate quarters available (Fall/Spring)
• Two letters of recommendation, sent directly from the recommender

Nov 2

open your mind. repeal 209.


open your mind. repeal 209.

CALL FOR BLOGGERS: Rethinking “Race” in Yellow and Brown


I posted this earlier in the month, but I feel it’s a good time to reblog now:

What does it mean to be a person of color? How can we think about communities of color as also yellow and brown? I am attempting to put together an online colloquium/dialogue series on Tumblr consisting of Asian American bloggers (APIA/SEA/SAALT). While discussions of race amongst people of color frequently take place on Tumblr, like most discussions of race that occur in the real world, these discussions oftentimes are not concerned or interested with Asian American issues. This call for bloggers is attempting to create a coalition of Asian American bloggers on Tumblr to begin a dialogue centering upon Asian American issues, history, and identity as people of color in the West. 

The focus of this dialogue is to begin as a starting point by calling attention to Asian Americans and members of the Asian diaspora as people of color, in order to raise awareness of Asian American issues and include Asian Americans within the larger community of color on Tumblr. 

Possible topics of discussion may include (but certainly are not limited to):

- Model minority myth
- Migration/transnationality
- Undocumented workers and working class issues
- Sex and human trafficking
- History of Asian diaspora in the West 
- Fetishization and exotification
- Hypersexualization of women/desexualization and emasculation of men
- Interracial relationships and conflict
- Intergenerational conflict
- Orientalism
- Anti-Asian hate crimes and experiences
- Interracial coalitions and political activism 
- Western imperialism and colonization in Asia 
- Citizenship and nationality
- Whitewashing 
- Coolies/indentured servitude in the West 
(This list can keep on going on and on, but this is just a starting point)

If you are interested in participating, please reblog or send a private Ask to colorblinding here. I am hoping to get a good group of bloggers who do work in this area together so we can organize, plan, and figure out how to start this dialogue! 

Since I first posted this a month ago, I have spoken to several people about this — namely fascinasians.  What we envision is a month-long virtual conference held on Tumblr with a group of bloggers committed to writing and talking about these issues.  One way it could work is to have a weekly schedule organized around a few themes: participants could then volunteer to write a piece on themes and other participants would respond to advance the dialogue. 

I have personally spoken to the following individuals about participation: xoericxo, weexist-weresist, aslantedview, stfuasiaphiles. 

A few of you have sent me Asks, but I somehow misplaced the list of people who wanted to participate. If you don’t see your name on this list and you would like to participate, please send me another Ask or an email at colorblindingly @ gmail (dot) com. I am most interested in knowing how you would like to contribute, and what themes/issues you would like to cover. 

At this time, we are still looking for participants and organizers*

We are tentatively slating the month of January 2012 for this virtual conference to occur.

Thoughts, ideas, questions, and feedback of any kind is welcome! 

*If you would like to be an organizer, some background information on any previous experience would be great! If you don’t have any previous experience, that’s fine too — tell us how you would like to contribute! 

Please contact me or Colorblinding if you’re interested! I have reached out to several bloggers out there, but if you would like to participate or learn more don’t hesitate!