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The complexities of being a UC Berkeley student and a bboy/bgirl is a beautiful thing. 

My Bboy/bgirl brothas and sistas still be keeping fresh even during dead and finals week. These beautiful folks remind me time to time, the beauty in the dance, the culture, the people. Come winterbreak you best holla’ at me now; I made special plans with my lovely garage floor.

Mad props and love to the beautiful breaking community.


Dec 2

Check out this cool commercial featuring Asian B-boy Chuck Maa of America’s Best Dance Crew “Instant Noodles” fame!

Chuck was born in Atlanta, Georgia and spent the first 9 years of his life there before moving to Taipei, Taiwan. After spending another 3 years in a few local Taiwanese schools, Chuck transferred to TAS (Taipei American School) in 7th grade.

Chuck began dance by experimenting with popping before shifting his focus to bboying a year later. His love for dance and performance inspired him to participate in dance classes and theatre classes offered at TAS which later lead to his enrollment in the IB dance program and IASAS modern dance troupe, and subsequent appearances in a few high school musicals. After graduation from high school Chuck enrolled along side fellow crew member Robert Tsai at Chapman University where he majored in dance and received the bulk of his classical training. Chuck performed in multiple dance concerts held at Chapman and was privileged enough to have some of his choreography showcased in these concerts as well.

After receiving his diploma from Chapman, Chuck moved to Hollywood where he continues topursue his career as a dancer in the commercial dance industry. Instant Noodles is something close to Chuck’s heart and seeing the crew succeed is something that has been a dream of his since the formation of the crew. The bond between him and his crew members is something that he values greatly both in his professional life and his personal life.

Director/Editor - Steven Butler (http://twitter.com/sjb3000)
DP - Chris Saul
Production Designer - Chanel Nardone
Dance Coordinator - B-Girl Peppa Yuan
Wardrobe - Meghan Martinez
Makeup - Melissa Pizzamiglio, Dennielle Yuen

Chuck Maa (Instant Noodles)
WillDaBeast Adams (Ocean’s 11)
Chelsea Vale - cute girl
Michael O’ Garro - bouncer

I love the increasing Asian American presence in commercials and media!

(Source: asiancemagazine.com)


The producers of the film Saigon Electric is doing a national call for help to promote its film. Although a commercial endeavor, I still feel Vietnamese film still has a long way to go before it has any sort of status in America, for example when Kung Fu Hustle hit the big screen.

After speaking with Kenneth, we came up with a vision: to have a national YouTube break dance competition for groups that feature a Vietnamese American within their crew, with the winner being able to open up before Poreotics at the premiere party in Southern California. The Poreotics were the winners of season 5 of America’s Best Dance Crew. But this is all contingent if they can raise enough money. Their marketing campaign goal is a paltry $10,000, compared to the millions Hollywood spends. Well, we’re still indie. But that’s because this was an opportunity to mobilize Vietnamese youths and make a stand: we’re in the hip hop scene. We have to be heard.

So if there’s anyone out there interested in joining the bandwagon and help promote this film across the nation, join the little Facebook Event and hit up Thao Bui and tell her you wanna help. I’ll be part of the San Jose crew, helping out in little ways, but we can always use a few more awesome folks.

This. Is. So. Awesome.