You can follow their journey across America for a $100,000 prize every Sunday night on the food network! 

It’s the season premiere of the Great Food Truck Race and to my surprise (though now I’m questioning why I was surprised) there’s an all Asian food truck!

Everyone, meet Korilla.

Personally, I think all three are SMOKIN’. But my flustered reaction aside, these three guys graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 2003. Paul Lee, Steve Park, and Eddie Song (All from New York) face off against other food trucks in a cross country competition to win $100,000. Korilla cooks up a mean selection of Korean food with their own unique twist and serves crowds of loyal diners. The first stop is Las Vegas, Nevada! The first truck hit New York in October of last year, and more have been added to the fleet since then. 

Korilla, I will be stalking you once I get back to New York. Much love and good luck!!