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When will Asians finally be accepted as People of Color?




Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, and in his honor, the Black students’ union sent out an email summing up MLK’s life, politics and legacy, along with a reminder of what we students can do. The email was sent to the Black students’ union email listserv and the Latino students’ union listserv.

But not to the Asian students’ union listserv.

Why the resistance to including Asians as people

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“You’re clearly not white and encounter tons of ignorance from that circumstance, but you’re still more socially accepted than black and latino group due to “positive stereotypes” (bullshit IMO) and thus receive better access to resources i.e. health care, education. “

As an Asian American, I will have to slightly disagree with that statement, that Asians are more “socially acceptably.” It is not the people who are socially acceptable, it is our products.

By products I mean our food, history, mythology, culture, our martial arts, and dare I say it, the “exotic” nature of all that and more. Our products eventually became fetishized for most white people to consume and mold into their society.

In media, the Asian people are just as shafted and pigeon holed into the typecast roles that a white consumer society established for them, and if an Asian isn’t emulating any of those “positive stereotypes,” (ie if you don’t know kung fu, if you’re not nerd or geek smart, if you are not an Asian female that can be hypersexualized into an exotic trophy for the white man to win), you are denied opportunities and privileges just like anyone else of color.

Anyways, yeah wtf Asians are too of color and we love MLK as much as anyone does.