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Katya Liu is determined to increase her bust size before a study date with her science lab partner. 

Katya Liu - Irene Choi - http://twitter.com/irenechoi
Owen Fullerman - James Wolpert -http://twitter.com/JamesPWolpert

Written and Directed by Yulin Kuang - http://twitter.com/yulinkuang
Tumblr: http://www.yulinkuang.tumblr.com

Featuring original songs by James Wolpert -http://twitter.com/JamesPWolpert
Composed by Alex Weston
Cinematography by Andrew Batista -http://twitter.com/Andrew_Batista
Edited by Zachary Wallnau - http://twitter.com/WallNow
Produced by Nicolas Hurt and Yulin Kuang
Executive Producers: Steeltown Entertainment, Lisa Smith-Reed, Carl Kurlander

Captured on the Arri Alexa, winner of the 2012 Ellen Weiss Kander production grant. Winner of the 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival. Official selection of the 2013 Palm Springs International ShortFest, Heartland Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, Silk Screen Film Festival, Three Rivers Film Festival.

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Calling for short film submissions!

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“The End of Wong Fu: A Christmas Story - The Ghost of Chris takes Phil on a journey to the not so distant future when Wong Fu Productions, NO LONGER EXISTS!! Let’s hope WFP never goes down this path.

Dec 5


“China Bowl” by Steven Liang - Short on what it means to be immigrant and working class in Asian America

Dec 1


“I Like You” by Kane Diep -  A coffee shop barrista gets a mean case of the warm and fuzzies for a usual customer. 


“Ko-Ni-Chi-Wa” by Leanna Yu - A story about a young Asian Canadian woman who becomes familiar with the patterns of “Asiaphiles” who seemingly prey on polite, docile female exchange students. Sophia wonders what it would be like to be a different kind of Asian girl, one who isn’t privy to saying “no” when a man advances.

Adorning herself in fashion she finds typical of an ESL student, Sophia goes fishing for an Asiaphile. Her ruse attracts 38 year-old Burt, a socially-awkward single white male. Their encounter leads to his gaudy apartment overrun with Oriental paraphernalia, where their true selves are forced to light.

This is amazing. Pure brilliance.


“Today has Been Weird” by Quentin Lee -

In May 2005, a young Xanga blogger entry shocked the internet community and helped the New York police solve his own murder. As a fellow Xanga blogger, I was simultaneously shocked, saddened and moved by his murder. Reminding me of myself when I first came to this country, Simon was a happy-go-lucky slacker immigrant teenager in his second year of community college in Queens. He was trying to reach out of his shell with his blog… and he finally did right after he died. Remaining hauntingly on-line, his last blog entry reveals the last moments of his life and the identity of the killer who brutally murdered both him and his sister. Six years later, while the memory of him faded on the internet his poignant story has remained within me. When I received a commissioned short film assignment from Vancouver Asian Film Festival as part of “Love Letters to Vancouver,” I decided to adapt Simon’s story into a short. I was offered CAN$500 to make a short film to celebrate the diversity of Vancouver. I couldn’t find it more fitting to adapt Simon’s story as an ironic love story to Vancouver where it is almost 40% Asian with a predominant Chinese population. Very much like Queens in New York (where Simon lived) that has become a Chinese American suburb, Richmond in Vancouver is a Chinese Canadian suburb.


“China Bowl” by Steven Liang - Short on what it means to be immigrant and working class in Asian America


“Broken” by Bilal Khan - Domestic violence in Asian families. This video was made to raise awareness of domestic violence we sometimes hear about it but never know what actually goes on.

Domestic violence is a HUGE problem in all communities, but especially the API community. Drvy put it this way:

I don’t know how it is in the Chinese American community, but there are numerous cases of Vietnamese brides who are cornered into years of abuse right here in America because the husband shields them from the outside world and female empowerment. They don’t know about women’s shelters and immigrant rights. I knew a lady who lived here past the minimum time to receive a visa and never applied because she didn’t know it existed. She just stayed home to take care of the children for 12 years! scary!

Sep 9


“Love Lost on the 405” by Kai Ma - The breakdown is that it shows us how driving can make you feel crazy. Set in Los Angeles, the film establishes Kai as a driver that descends into depression and madness because both her freeway and relationship are going nowhere. It premiered in August 2011 at the Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles for an exhibit by Rethink/LA.