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Assemblyman Ron Kim slams Tiger Mom author Amy Chua for sending the wrong message

Jan 3

SUNY Albany Asian Pacific American Conference (APAC) 2014 Workshop Applicaion

We invite you to join us as we commemorate Asian American culture, people, history, and our progressive future. The Asian Pacific American Conference (APAC) is a progressive cultural conference that embraces a pan-Asian identity and strives for inclusiveness, empowerment, and unity. This year, we will comprehensively examine a number of key issues in Asian America. We hope that through the workshops, speakers, and discussion at APAC 2014, an important conversation about the place of Asian Americans in society will begin.

Our theme - RUN: Roots, Unity, Now - will examine our structured beliefs of identity, belonging, assimilation, history, prejudice, and division. 

Roots: We cannot know ourselves today without knowing the history of our people. Our culture and identity is intertwined with where we came from, what we went through, and what we’ve done. We want to encourage young Asian Americans to learn and appreciate those who came before us and built the foundation we stand on today. 

Unity: The Asian American community has many points of conflict, such as ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc. We will examine solutions to divisions in the community, what unity means, and whether true unity will ever exist. 

Now: Where are Asian Americans now? What are the issues that we face each day in the new millenium? We will focus on issues such as reproductive justice, political representation, Greek life, and more.

APAC will be held on April 11 - 12th.  Please contact Shaina Rae Sanchez or Juliet Shen at AlbanyAPAC2014@gmail.com with questions.

Oct 4

SUNY Albany Asian Pacific American Conference (APAC) Workshop Applicaion

Are you in the tri-state area? Are you looking to host a workshop in the Capital of New York? 

SUNY Albany’s Asian Pacific American Conference (APAC) is now ACCEPTING WORKSHOP APPLICATIONS!

Travel Stipend possibly available. 

The Asian Pacific American Conference (APAC) is a student-run conference addressing racial, sexual, gender-related, and social issues in the Asian American community. APAC will provide an introduction to Asian American studies and the Asian American racial identity, while examining where in racial justice we fit. This will be a great opportunity for emerging Asian American leaders to network and meet one another and establish lifelong friendships that will create a stronger Asian American community.

It is scheduled for early to mid-April 2014. Please contact Juliet Shen at jshen3@albany.edu with questions.

It is our first year organizing this conference, so please consider that we are working with a very limited budget. Thank you!

May 3
Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority Inc. Alpha Chapter at SUNY Albany’s Slutwalk 2013

"This is an anti-rape, anti-sexual assault, anti-BULLSHIT rally!"

Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority Inc. Alpha Chapter at SUNY Albany’s Slutwalk 2013

"This is an anti-rape, anti-sexual assault, anti-BULLSHIT rally!"

How do you all feel about this video promoting the East Asian Studies program at my school?

Asians Being Awesome: 
SUNY Albany Pi Delta Psi and Sigma Psi Zeta present a workshop on premature births and the March of Dimes.

Asians Being Awesome:

SUNY Albany Pi Delta Psi and Sigma Psi Zeta present a workshop on premature births and the March of Dimes.

Shoutout and Congratulations to SUNY Albany’s Liga Filipina!

Liga Filipina has been selected to receive the President’s Award for Leadership - Cultural Awareness Award. 

Liga Filipina was first established in the fall semester of 1992. It consisted of a few Filipinos trying to educated the Albany community about the Filipino culture as well as issues concerning Filipinos and Filipino Americans.

Since then they have grown, and now collaborate with Filipino groups all across the east coast. They come together and have programs that is both fun and educational.

Liga Filipina continues to grow today and continues to educate the community about Filipino history and culture. They keep the Filipino faith alive on campus as well as the rest of the community.

Liga Filipina has four basic objectives as an organization. These include:

* To represent Filipino students in the school and the community through services and events

* To promote and encourage interaction and mutual understanding among the members of the club

* To educated and influence the community on Filipino culture

* To provide members with many social activities pertaining to the Filipino culture and other interest which the members may have.

Congratulations, you guys have definitely earned it!


Thank you for visiting the official conference website for the East Coast Asian American Student Union’s 35th conference at Duke University.  The conference is scheduled for Friday, February 24, 2012 to Sunday, February 26, 2012.

REDISCOVERY. Our central theme, rediscovery, reflects our belief that we must challenge ourselves to re-examine the meaning of Asian American, for ourselves and for our community. Rediscovery asks us to build a new framework with which to think about Asian Americans in the landscape of 21st century America. In doing so, our hope is that our programming provokes critical thought and analysis of the contemporary plight of Asian Americans.

RENAISSANCE. At its core, the notion of rebirth and reinvention epitomizes our notion of renaissance. From Asian American YouTube celebrities to rising stars in the political arena, Asian Americans are beginning to challenge conventional stereotypes that defined our past, locate our present, and write our future.

REVOLUTION. The Civil Rights Movement started with a dream, that things could be different, that change was possible. In this context, we need to ask ourselves what does an Asian American movement look like? What change are we fighting for? At the heart of revolution is the understanding that there could be a new reality, a better one, and that people together can unite to bring it about.

You can register here for the early bird price of $45 until December 9 and prices go up to $55. I’ll be there as Campus Ambassador for SUNY Albany, so any East Coast Tumblrites…I’ll see you soon!

Oct 8

Check out my interview with Asiance magazine!