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Every year, thousands of New York students graduate from high schools only to face closed doors. They are denied a higher education because of their undocumented status. Unlike their fellow classmates, they cannot afford to go to college because they do not qualify for federal financial aid, government loans or many private scholarships.
Korean Americans Organized for Reform and Equality (KORE) invites you to change this and help save a DREAM. Join us for our DREAM Benefit Concert and help us raise a college scholarship fund for DREAMers.

KORE is a group of MinKwon Center DREAMers working to raise awareness about our struggles and to push for humane immigration reform. 

Ticket purchase: http://www.nycharities.org/events/EventLevels.aspx?ETID=5730

Featuring artists such as Taiyo Na, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, Tereza Lee, Matt Longo, and more!

I love this song. Taiyo Na will be performing tomorrow night at the Birthday Salute for Private Danny Chen in New York City!

"New Love" -Taiyo Na and Magnetic North

it’s tough out there whether you single or not
feel right but then rub your temple and stop
enter a shock or pretend that you’re not
you roam all alone taken every option
how come it’s so hard to find love
how many do before their time’s up
some grow cold and fold their life up
i do it all the time when i think that life sucks
it’s shaky ground i don’t really know you
let’s keep it real about the things we go through
like how you got baggage from your old dude
and i know i got flaws that ain’t so cool
take a leap of faith in the riddle of my eyes
i’m a moon all alone in the middle of the sky
we 2 broken hearts who can mend together
and if we give it all we could mend forever

it’s a new love
what can we do love
we’re going through what
opens you up
cuz it’s a new love
a total new love
when it’s through love
i hope it’s you love

something bout you changes my attitude
you take old nostalgia and make it brand new
cuz you teleport me to my boyz ii men days
so much i’m tempted to record and make you a corny mix tape
it feels like we’re in high school and you are my boo
and the only way i know how to rock is beside you
like ross and rachel tom collins and angel
we’re a fuzzy sitcom love crossed with a broadway musical
cuz you’re the closest i’ve ever had to feeling so surreal
i think it’s raining candy canes quote soul 4 real
and you’re so down to earth always down to nerd out
we’re a nerd match in heaven girl this could work out
it’s been so many years since i’ve felt this up high
felt this much trust and felt this much inspired
you’ve given a hopeless romantic hope yet
cuz you’re my homegirl the girl i want to go home with


against the odds but i’m no mathematician
not in the cards but i’m no black magician
against our god but i don’t know religion
not in the stars but forget the solar system
we’re so resistant but what’s there to lose love
i know it’s new love but you give me goose bumps
forgive my loose tongue i speak too easily
but it seems to me this is what it seems to be
and we’re vietnamese of course i feel ya
love how your name is so phonetically familiar
from the same homeland we got the same symmetry
from the same language where love means injury
and that’s the minute we knew it was dangerous
militant cupid got a cruise missile aimed at us
we could be like whitney houston’s the greatest love
or at least see how beautiful the train wreck was

May 24 @ Pace High School: Birthday Salute for Private Danny Chen (SPREAD THE WORD)

In honor of Private Danny Chen’s 20th birthday, please join us for an artistic tribute and fundraiser. All proceeds will go towards mobilizing the family & community to attend the courts-martial and our continued efforts to raise awareness on Danny’s case.

Adults: $25.00 ; Students: $10.00 Purchase tickets here

Performers include:

  • Ada Chen
  • Amy Chen
  • Binari Drummers
  • Jason Chu
  • Kris Lew
  • Project Agent Orange
  • Taiyo Na
  • Alex Wong
  • Banny Chen
  • Corky Lee
  • Jason Kao Hwang
  • Magnetic North
  • YaliniDream

Donated Raffle Prizes: HD LCD TV, Wii, 5-day Cruise, Starbucks giftcards, Blacklava T-shirts & more!

Co-sponsors: Asian American Arts Alliance, Asian American/Asian Research Institute, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance-NY, Chinatown Partnership, Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans, East Coast Asian American Student Union, FCCNY, Gin Sun Hall Benevolent Association, Korean Americans for Political Advancement, NYU A/P/A Institute, OCA-Long Island, OCA-New Jersey, OCA-Westchester/Hudson Valley, United East Athletic Association

For more information, check them out on Twitter and Tumblr .

Asian In NY is also putting together videos of “salute” to Danny Chen on their Youtube.

Jan 8

AA Limelight’s Exclusive Interview with Taiyo Na


1)      Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a native New Yorker currently residing in Oakland, CA working on a theater project to go up in February at San Francisco’s Intersection for the Arts. I also sing, rap, write and produce songs.

2)      What got you into rapping?

Neighborhood friends and friends from high school. Ciphers in the park all night, freestyling like fools and beatboxing till your lips hurt.

3)      Who were your Asian American heroes?

When I was younger, they were harder to find, but in high school I got hipped to a number of Asian American writers who became my first heroes. Writers like Jessica Hagedorn, David Henry Hwang and Maxine Hong Kingston. I have many other Asian American heroes today, of course.

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Dedicated to our families.

Like the mother and daughter, we all have those moments where we neglect our parents, too busy living our own life, we often forget that on the other side our parents are working hard and have struggled to give us as good a life as they can.

Like the son, pressures from school can be the biggest struggle for young people. While it’s important, sometimes stepping away to find that true peace keeps us going. Whether it’s in art and photography, making videos, singing, dancing, or even video games with friends.

Like the father, jobs and financial worries can bring us down. Especially in these tough times, when so much is uncertain, the greatest gift we have is knowing that there is one constant, family.

What a wonderful video… ♥!

It’s so beautiful. The feelings are exactly right… really makes me recall my own experiences with my family.

I have no words. Watch & share.



Home:Word - Magnetic North & Taiyo Na feat. Sam Kang (Official MV by Wong Fu Productions) 

I love this song. I can’t wait to head home for winter break and see my family.

It’s always so weird to see Taiyo with hair.

Aug 9

Most of earth is rock and magma, but it’s still earth. Most of love is pain and struggle, but its still love.

- Taiyo Na

Aug 8

Taiyo Na at the OCA Convention

I’m trying to upload the longer videos to YouTube since they surpass the 100MB limit here on Tumblr, but it’ll be a couple days.